Green woodpeckers are the largest of our native woodpeckers and have a very distinctive, laughing, call which gave them their common name of yaffle

Sparrowhawks are one of the smaller species of raptor, hunting in woodland or along hedges. Their prey is not only sparrows but all small birds. The female (which is larger) will even take pigeons.

The common (or Eurasian) kingfishers are an unmistakable bird, often seen as a flash of blue and orange over flying low over water.

The crested tit is mostly found in the Caledonian and Scots pine forests of Scotland where it forages for insects and pine seeds.

Sandhill Cranes are a North American species of crane that overwinter in New Mexico. They are a large bird with a wingspan of up to 2.3m soaring effortlessly and using thermals to gain height

Snow Geese are a North American bird that migrate in winter to New Mexico in huge flocks